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Screenshot of two infographics about Instagram profile

Statigram is now Iconosquare

Instagram remains one of my favorite apps and social networks. I mentioned before that Statigram could help you determine where your Instagram followers come from. So I went to check up on that feature and see if my followers had changed and that's when I found about the new name for Statigram. Iconosquare is an interesting name. Their…
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#SMMOC Meetup Notes

SMMOC (Social Media Mastermind OC) live. Topics and notes Swarm - some people say it's "too difficult." It just works. Install the app and get it to work like millions of other people or don't. I like it. I like the separate functions from Foursquare and Swarm. Why use Swarm? - To check in and let people know…
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Linkedin Endorsements are Crap

Linkedin rolled out their endorsement feature sometime last year and I thought it would be a good thing. Let me tell you why it's a bunch of crap. And  you shouldn't trust it. For me as a Linkedin user, the feature is annoying and frankly pretty useless. I get so annoyed by notifications of people endorsing me and…
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My Twitter Account in 55 Seconds

Lots of people ask me how I make money from Twitter. The truth is that I don't do anything differently than other Twitter users. I simply post stuff that is interesting to me and could be interesting to others. Pictures, videos, thoughts and comments about everyday life. I share useful content, interesting or entertaining. There's a cool app…
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