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Twittercounter.com Closed Down on November 5

Wow. Last time I visited Twittercounter.com it was to check in on my Twitter growth experiment but I found that the website has shut down. I haven't dug into why Twittercounter shut down but I'm guessing they weren't making enough money with their paid placements and other enhancements to their stats. Their announcement was simple and straightforward but…
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The Tweet Wheel of Fortune

Reaching 1000 followers for the Twitter growth case study may be way easier than I thought before. I'm at 200 less than 24 hours into the experiment. I have set the automatic Twitter updates with different wording for the foreseeable future using Tweet-wheel. I'm going to explain how I set up the content wheel so that you don't have…
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Twitter Growth Strategy & Case Study

It's debatable whether efforts in Twitter still pay off for business. Heck, it's debatable whether people even like using Twitter anymore. Seems like it's a pretty rough place. Nonetheless, I think there is still value in growing your account and using it to drive traffic. If Neil Patel still uses and recommends Twitter, then it's still a go-to…
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How To Schedule Your Content on Twitter Once a Month

Back in the day, Twitter was all about making direct connections with people you had something in common. You had to be on Twitter all the time and most people responded to you when you approached them with a message. Today, Twitter is vastly different. Most people come to Twitter to absorb information about their favorite topics. The…
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Q&A on Twitter #digiblogchat – How to Monetize Your Blog

I had the honor of being invited to be a guest at the weekly #digiblogchat to talk about monetizing a blog. One of, if not my favorite topic in the online marketing niche. Carol Stephen, from Your Social Media Works hosts the weekly Twitter chat. The topics always are centered around blogging, social media, online marketing, and other similar…
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Article cover image for Buh-bye Twitter? by Oscar Gonzalez

Good-bye Twitter?

Over the past year, I've been bouncing back and forth between two conflicting ideas about Twitter. This post isn't about business advice, or whether you should be on Twitter or not. Before we go further, for reasons I don't discuss in this post, I think you absolutely should be on Twitter if you have a business or are…
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